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Corporate Wellbeing & Community Wellness


Transform your company from the inside out with our corporate wellbeing services, featuring mindfulness Japanese calligraphy events, leadership coaching, and inspiring talks that empower your employees towards optimal health, engagement, and productivity. Let us help you create a culture of wellness that attracts and retains top talent, fosters innovation, and drives business success.

Corporate Wellness: Our Japanese Calligraphy Mindfulness Event

Our flagship Japanese Calligraphy Mindfulness event will elevate your employees' wellbeing and focus with a unique corporate mindfulness event - immerse yourselves in Japanese calligraphy's traditional and serene practice, leaving you with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose.


  • Format: In-Person or Online

  • Duration: 45 - 60 min

  • Participant Size: We recommend a class group of ~12 to 15 for In-Person, up to 100 for Online Sessions

  • Cost: At Mogami, we understand that cost can be a significant consideration, and we are committed to empowering the well-being of all individuals and organisations. Please get in touch with us today to explore pricing options and find a solution that meets your needs.

What's Included

  • Calligraphy pens (for in-person)

  • Calligraphy paper (for in-person)

  • Pre-event consultation call for customisation of Calligraphy pieces to align with corporate initiative/values/focus

  • Post-event feedback call with the organiser

  • Post-event participant feedback form

  • Email support following event for participants

Our Client Feedback

Saori from Mogami Wellness joined our online writing group to bring the world of calligraphy to us. What we got was so much more. Saori has a wonderful calming presence and the group was immediately transfixed. The complexities of Japanese-style wellness were so clearly and thoughtfully shared with us (not taught but shared). We were given the space to absorb Saori's creativity, wisdom and practice our own calligraphy. At the end of the session we all would have happily listened for twice the time. Saori is a true master - although she would never describe herself as that. Alison Hitchcock - co-founder of From Me to You
Saori was an absolute joy to work with in planning our Learning at Work Week mindfulness calligraphy session. The session was amazing and Saori has a very special calming nature which made the activity all the more enjoyable. The content covered was nothing short of inspiring and all our employees loved learning a new artform that most had never tried before. If you're up for a session that really opens up your mind and calms your soul, this is the one! Sophie Mann - Global Employee Experience Partner, Human Resources of Blis Global

From the participants

I loved the way Saori took the time to explain the deeper meaning of each kanji. She has a warm, friendly manner which created a calm feeling in the workshop. It was such a wonderful opportunity to turn inwards and reflect with the other attendees.
I really enjoyed writing the Kanji and hearing about how the different strokes can indicate how you're feeling or what's on your mind. The explanation of Shodou, it was an enlightening experience.
Saori creates such a warm and welcoming atmosphere to try Japanese calligraphy. It was such a calming experience.

Example flow

While our events are tailored to meet each organisation's specific needs, here is an example flow of a 60 min Japanese calligraphy mindfulness session.

  • Overview of Japanese arts & Calligraphy Principles (~15 min): Learn about Japan's three traditional arts rooted in 2,000 years of history and how Japanese calligraphy's principles teach us to be more present and mindful.

  • Deep-dive into Japanese Calligraphy Pieces (~10min): A detailed breakdown of the Japanese calligraphy piece options that will serve as the group's collective intention.

  • Group discussion & Breakout Group (~10min): Have participants pair up and connect on which Japanese calligraphy piece resonates with them. Come back together to pick a piece collectively.

  • Collective Writing Experience (~10min): Have participants write the chosen calligraphy piece together.

  • Group Reflection (~10min): Come back together and share calligraphy pieces and writing experiences. Create a deeper connection with the calligraphy piece by defining its significance to each participant.

  • Actionable takeaways for Lifestyle Incorporation (~10min): Group exercise in identifying moments within our daily lifestyle to incorporate moments of mindfulness & presence.

Community Japanese Calligraphy Group Wellness Event hosted for Working From members

Community Wellness Event hosted for Working From members

Our Japanese Calligraphy Advisors

Saori Okada, Founder of Mogami, has been studying Japanese calligraphy for over 20 years. She first studied under Grand Master Shihan Kurosawa in Sendai, Aomori during her early years and now continues to study under Grand Master Shihan, Chisai 千彩 in Kanagawa, Japan. Saori practices calligraphy under her gifted calligraphy name Seisen 星洗, given by her Grand Master Shihan Kurosawa.

To ensure that Mogami's events uphold the principles of this 2,000-year-old traditional art form, Grand Master Shihan Chisai 千彩 reviews and oversees our event details. This ensures that our modern calligraphy mindfulness events stay true to tradition while providing a fresh take on the practice.


Keynote Speaking & Panel Discussions

Transform the way your employees approach well-being and happiness with an empowering keynote from Saori Okada, Founder of Mogami and leading voice on Japanese well-being. Elevate your corporate wellness initiatives with ancient and modern practices for boosting productivity, reducing stress, and fostering an authentic corporate culture. From Ikigai to Forest Bathing, Saori will inspire your team to prioritize their well-being and happiness for a more fulfilling and productive work life.

Saori Okada, curating and moderating an artist talk “Searching for the imperfectly perfect. A look inside the creative process” for the 7th official Japanese textile & Craft festival in London, U.K.
Saori Okada, curating and moderating an artist talk “Searching for the imperfectly perfect. A look inside the creative process” for the 7th official Japanese textile & Craft festival in London, U.K.

Saori Okada, leading a Lunch & Learn for E2W on E2 Healthier - Understanding Japan’s secret to longevity with the true definition of “ikigai”

Saori, leading a Lunch & Learn for E2W on "Understanding Japan’s secret to longevity with the true definition of “ikigai”


Tailored to meet your needs

Elevate your organisation's well-being and leadership potential with our transformative coaching programs. Whether you are looking to enhance your corporate well-being or develop your leaders, our personalised approach will help you achieve lasting results. Get in touch with us today to start your journey towards a healthier, more successful organisation.


Get in touch today.

Whether you are an individual looking to transform your well-being journey or an organisational decision-maker seeking to enhance the well-being of your employees, Mogami provides a comprehensive range of services to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your organisation unlock your inner potential and achieve lasting holistic well-being.

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